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Owens-Illinois Inc. is a Fortune 500 company that specializes in container glass products. It is one of the world's leading manufacturers of packaging products, holding the position of largest manufacturer of glass containers in North America, South America, Asia-Pacific and Europe (after acquiring BSN Glasspack in 2004). Approximately one of every two glass containers made worldwide is made by O-I, its affiliates, or its licensees.

According to Belluck & Fox, Owens-Illinois has been the subject of numerous lawsuits due to the use of asbestos in its products and its manufacturing operations. Its massive glass manufacturing plants such as the one in Brockport, N.Y., used asbestos-containing materials throughout the facilities. In addition, the company manufactured an asbestos insulation product called Kaylo that has been the subject of much litigation. People who worked at Owens-Illinois plants risked exposure to asbestos while working with or in the vicinity of furnaces, ovens, boilers, pipes, valves, and gaskets. Those who were tasked with cutting or sawing asbestos-containing materials were exposed to large amounts of asbestos dust, which floated throughout the plants and put everyone inside at risk of inhaling the deadly fibres. In addition to workers’ exposure to asbestos, family members may have experienced secondhand exposure to asbestos fibres when shaking out and cleaning uniforms.


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